Five years ago, I moved from Halifax, NS to Vancouver, BC. At the time, I had only the vague ambition of working at a tech company, eager to contribute to innovative new ideas.

I began the Interactive Design program at Capilano University in the fall of that year (2009), learning key skills in web design, web development, and user experience design.

While in that program, I began doing contract IA work for a local digital agency, building up experience researching, wireframing, and presenting projects to clients. 

Shortly after finishing with school, I moved on to iQmetrix - a product company building retail management software for the wireless industry. From my experience working in client services, I knew I wanted to become more connected to the long term process of building a product. Having an idea and making it become real is fun, but most of the interesting things happen after real people start interacting with your idea. iQmetrix gave me the experience participating and observing in that process over a longer period of time.

And now, for the past year I've been working at bazinga!, currently in the role of Product Owner.

Founded on a belief that vertical neighbourhoods should be more connected and conscious, bazinga! is working to break down the communication barriers that prevent everyone from knowing their neighbours.

Working on a product I care deeply about, with a team of great people, and in a way that is constantly testing my limits of what I thought I could do, is incredibly rewarding.

Enough about me, I'd love to hear more about you (through twitter or email).